Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are you using Craigslist?

I love Craigslist and you can find all sorts of things there. Recently I have found a horse for free. Yeah thats right a horse.

The great thing is you can save money on advertising here too. So if you are selling a car, dress, or chicken you can list it for free with up to 4 pictures. I personally am a garage saling, Goodwill junky and love to resell stuff that I find. Recently I found a large bird cage in perfect condition and it was too bulky to try to ship and sell on eBay so I put it on craigslist. Bought it for $5 and sold it for $20 and they came and got it, can't beat that!

So just a heads up next time you have something to sell or need something check out craigslist first. Happy 2009 I wish you Abundance!

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