Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shopping at Thrift Stores

I love Thrift stores and I found a little secret at my local Good Will about a year ago. I guess I knew about it all along I just never bothered to check it out. It is the As Is Store, at my store it is back by the Donation Center and I love it.

Just a little word of warning here... You have to love the hunt and not mind digging through other peoles junk to enter this area.

Basically it is all the stuff that either didn't sell in the main store and they have pulled to make room for other stuff or it was stained, broken, unable to put up for sale in the main store.

And believe me when I say there is alot of junk. But amidst that junk there are some true treasures. I actually discovered because I was trying to find a new place to buy items to list on Ebay. They sell by the pound with clothing so I am get a box full of clothes for $5 to $10. I have bought things that I paid 50 cents for and sold on ebay for $50+. That is what I am talking about!!! I cloth my kids in American Eagle, Abercrombie, Old navy, etc... and it is sll treasures that I find there. I found a Pride and Prejudice book form 1941 for 50 cents and sold it for $38 on Ebay.

SO if you love and I do mean love the hunt this is the place for you. I have never left empty handed and I go several times a week.

Words of Advice...
Take a purse that can easily be put over your shoulder.
Bring cash, ours takes cash or checks no cards here.
When digging through clothes your arms will get tired, mine are built up now so take it slow :o)
Bring a good attitude and you will find the best stuff!!!
Have Fun
Oh and Please wash your hands after, there is some scary stuff in there. I carry hand sanitizer.

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Lady Shmoe said...

That makes me want to go check out my local Good Will store. Thanks for the idea!