Friday, November 14, 2008

Buying in Bulk a Few Secrets

I am not big on buying in bulk because I feel that sometimes things just don't get used and then it is a waste so here are some tips.

Buying in bulk a few secrets #1
Buy large bags of trail mix and like items and as soon as you get it home put it in snack bags so there are servings instead of a one time sit down with the bag. This can be done with several items that you can buy in bulk.

Buying in bulk a few secrets #2
Buy meat in bulk, have the butcher at the store cut it up for you and then bring it home and use a food saver to vacuum pack it all in meal size portions.

Buying in bulk a few secrets #3
Di you know that you can grate and freeze cheese. When you do this it is great for cooking and baking but not so great just thawed and used. So keep that in mind when deciding what you are going to need for the tacos verses the lasagna.

happy bulk shopping!

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Brittany Clark said...

nice site. i like to save money too. great tips!