Thursday, October 23, 2008

It is time to Christmas Shop!

What already, we haven't even trick or treated yet! Well folks if you want to save money by not blowing your wad, so to speak, all in December it is time to start.

If you do weekly shopping like I do it is time to start adding a few extras to the cart each week. What a great time to get those stocking stuffers out of the way. What about movies that your loved ones might want or books. If you buy just a few items per week and build up a reserve of presents you are on your way to getting things done and being able to put a little more thought into each item.

I do this for Birthdays, Easter, school supplies, school clothes. You get the idea, just keep spreading it out and it will all be done or at least close to it by the time that special day comes along.

Happy Shopping!!!

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