Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shopping Alternatively

I found a great place to shop and save money. We have a Cash and Carry store here. I discovered it when I was doing some shopping on the run for our 4H concession stand to replenish some food that we ran out of in the middle of the day. They sent me to this Cash and Carry. I had heard about it but never shopped there assuming it was just for business owners. I was even a bit nervous thinking that they would ask me for proof of what I was buying these huge cans of chili and nacho cheese, but no they even told me that as long as I had a debit card, credit card or cash I could shop there any ol' time I want. WOW! I have been back every week since!!

I buy chips for my family, you can get 50 bags of lunch size chips for $11.99, that lasts, my family of 5, 2 weeks sometimes. I get 40 pre formed burgers for about $20 which is great for big get togethers or several meals. My kids buy candy in bulk and resell it for a profit to their friends. there are some great bargains in there and I am discovering new ones all the time.

just be careful in stores like this because I have found a few things that are not great deals. Produce in these stores are usually not a great deal since it is sold in large quantities and would go bad before you could use it. All the meat items seem to be great deals. Most come portioned out so they are really convenient too.

So check out your local Cash and Carry type store and bring home some great deals!!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I jsut was on Ebay and did you know that people sell coupons on there? You can get them for clothes, diapers, formula, restaraunts.... the list goes on.

I jsut wanted to share this with you. Now go save some money and time!!!

It is time to Christmas Shop!

What already, we haven't even trick or treated yet! Well folks if you want to save money by not blowing your wad, so to speak, all in December it is time to start.

If you do weekly shopping like I do it is time to start adding a few extras to the cart each week. What a great time to get those stocking stuffers out of the way. What about movies that your loved ones might want or books. If you buy just a few items per week and build up a reserve of presents you are on your way to getting things done and being able to put a little more thought into each item.

I do this for Birthdays, Easter, school supplies, school clothes. You get the idea, just keep spreading it out and it will all be done or at least close to it by the time that special day comes along.

Happy Shopping!!!

Meal planning and shopping to save Money $$$

One of the things that you can do to save money while grocery shopping is to make a list of what you are going to have for dinner for the next week and then shop off of that list. You then ad the lunch and breakfast items along with your other needs. I shop once per week for a family of 5 and do it for about 150 per week for everything, sometimes over and sometimes under.

If you start to do this weekly or bi weekly it will help your spending come down. I go on Friday because that is when we get paid and shop for Friday night thru Thursday night of the following week.

I do shop for bargains but I don't bother with coupons, I just choose not to but if you like them go for it.

Happy Shopping!